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Our Mission

"Dedicated to preserving and improving our beautiful lake for future generations"

DLPOA Meetings

We would love to have you attend any of the scheduled DLPOA Board Meetings. Download or check out your calendar for times and dates. 

Exciting news! The water is starting to warm up, enjoy the sun. Mark your calendars and join us for 4th of July festivities. Several volunteers still needed.  Contact me at the below email to see where you and your family can help. 

History of the lake

Important dates and major changes around our property. Provided by: Mike Phillips 


Keep up on all the things going on. Review all the information you may have missed!


Keep up with important dates, see first snowfall, fun lake info.

GREAT GREAT NEWS, We have a new fantastic designer on board this year for new DLPOA Shirts and Swag. This year is a special

    50 year celebration of DLPOA.        They are going to be fantastic, available soon!. 

To contact us please Email:
and it will be forwarded to the proper             board member. 

 Created 2022 by DLPOA Board Members on a volunteer basis. 

 News about Deer Lake and its' supporters published 3 times a year

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