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Board Meeting Oct 12 2017

Minutes of Deer Lake Property Owners’ Association Board Meeting October 12, 2017

Proper notice having been given, President Skip Wells called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.
Attendance: 15

Approval of the September minutes will be addressed at the November meeting.

Treasurer’s report: Given by Mike Egan and accepted. $45,208.82 in checking; $44,160.57 in cd’s; dues paid $7,740; fireworks donations $7,404; and general donations $4,134. Payments were made to Avista for area lights, $40.32; reimbursement to Mike for online payment of $10 to file non-profit annual report; Loon Lake POA dues of $20. The Stevens County notice of value for DLPOA’s 22 acres was received in the mail. Current valuation is $11,000.

Committee reports:
Bob Schwartz on Next Door Deer Lake and Deer Lake Apparel: 446 members on Next Door and growing. Advertising is being interjected, but still a beneficial private social network. No change from last month on apparel.

Mike Egan on Fireworks Display and Membership: Good 20-minute display of fireworks this year. Currently, 386 DLPOA paid members.

Jerry Rasley on Fish: 13,000 rainbows, 5” long were deposited in the Santora fish pen.

Mike Phillips on Roadside Cleanup and Water Quality: About 560 pounds of trash was collected during the roadside cleanup last month. Mike attended WALPA (Washington Area Lakes Protection Association) conference recently. He came away with some ideas and thoughts to pursue, mostly on milfoil and he will write an article for the next newsletter with more information. As of last Saturday, the lake is 25” below full, a little down from average. The milfoil divers were out all week and will be back next spring. Milfoil was sprayed about 2 weeks ago so we are up to date and in good shape right now.

Greg Presley on Big Bucks Club: A motion was made and approved to sell any excess Big Bucks Club flags for $15 each. The cost of the flags was $12. There is still an abundance of bottle openers and coffee mugs. Maybe they can be sold through Deer Lake Resort and Pinelow Park for around $5.

Skip Wells on Chipper Days: It will be this Saturday, October 14 from 9 – 3. Volunteers are needed for unloading debris from vehicles. A fee banner is being made for displaying suggested rates.

Old Business:
Calendar of Events for 2018
Some of the agreed upon dates for next year:
Spring Roadside Cleanup – Saturday, May 19 at 8am
Pancake Feed – Sunday, July 1
Boat Parade – Tuesday, July 3
Fireworks – Tuesday, July 3
Children’s Parade – Wednesday, July 4
DLPOA Board meeting – Thursday, August 9
DLPOA annual meeting – Saturday, August 11
Fall Roadside Cleanup – Saturday, September 22

Dock demolition: Will we have a demo day next year? Discussion on how crucial it is for the health of the lake. Someone young(er) and strong is needed to chair this important committee. The Board and attending members unanimously nominated Shawn O’Neill. A total of 10 docks to demo is needed before scheduling a date. Posts will be made on Next Door and in the newsletter for further interest.

Committee Assignments for 2017 – 2018
List is being updated and will be in the December newsletter.

Volunteers for Calendar Soliciting Ads, Ken Ring
The Deer Lake calendar was started in 2011 with 9 advertisers. Today, there are 36 advertisers, with 6 charter members. 2018 will be the 8th printed calendar. Together, cost of printing the newsletter and the calendar is $2,800. After collecting $1,800 for advertising, it costs $1,000 to print both the calendar and the newsletter. Thank you, Jan Davis, for being our head solicitor for the ads! More people are needed to contact advertisers. November 11 is the deadline for the advertisers AND articles for the newsletter.

Approval of Stevens County Adopt-A-Roadway Contract, Skip Wells:
Going forward, roadside cleanup volunteers will be required to sign a hold harmless liability waiver form from Stevens County. This will be a one-time sign off for each individual and social security numbers will not be required. Motion was made and approved to authorize Skip to fill out the form sent from the County and sign the adopt-a-road contract for DLPOA. They will then send the signature forms for us to use in the spring and fall cleanups.

New Business:
Wa. State Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Repair to Public Launch, Mike Phillips:
The public launch boat dock is in need of repair from the ramp and out. Mike checked into it and it will be addressed in the future. The repair will require removing dirt out to the elevation of present ground and laying pre-cast concrete bars that are rolled out after excavation. They may piggyback our repair with repair that’s also needed at Diamond Lake.

Discussion about education on boat laws and courtesy/etiquette. Discussion about where to post and distribute such information. This may be a spring project.

Discussion about hiring off-duty sheriff to patrol lake on major holiday(s).

The Board meeting adjourned at about 8:37 p.m.

In accordance with the bylaws, notice is given that the next Board meeting is Thursday, November 9, 2017, at the Pinelow office, at 6 p.m.

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