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Board Meeting Oct 11 2018

Minutes of Deer Lake Property Owners’ Association Board Meeting October 11, 2018

Proper notice having been given, President Skip Wells called the meeting to order at 6:03 p.m.
Attendance: 13

The September minutes were accepted.

Treasurer’s report: No report this month.

Special Guest Speaker: Melissa Fischer, Forest Health Specialist, DNR NE Region
Melissa talked about tree predators, particularly bark beetles (the western pine beetle and pine engraver), wood borers and root rot that are present here. She doesn’t think our area is in an outbreak stage; there is only a “patch of mortality” here. Forests always have beetles and ponderosa pines and larch are hardier to beetles. Trees are susceptible because they are stressed in drought conditions. Slash piles and fires make it more likely to be infested, also. Methods of prevention include thinning trees in forest settings so they are not fighting for water and getting rid of slash piles where beetles can reside. If the summers are ultra-dry, you can give your trees more water. Use a sprinkler instead of a hose and sprinkle the crown area, not just the base of the tree. Root rot is specific to mostly firs and is almost impossible to eradicate and hard to manage.

Committee reports:
Deer Lake Apparel and Next Door Deer Lake, Bob Schwartz: No change on apparel since the September 8th report. Next Door has 498 members.

Big Buck Club, Membership and Fish Pen, Ken Santora: Skip Wells reporting for Ken. Ken and Cheryl Schwartz are going over the property tax rolls and have determined that there are about 750 property owners of which 373 are DLPOA members and 87 are Big Buck Club members. There were 15,000 rainbows delivered to the fish pen last week. Divers saw otters in the pen.

Shoreline Master Program, Greg Presley: Notice from the County was sent out to announce upcoming meetings on the updated Shoreline Master Program that will refine the latest draft of the proposed regulations. The formal adoption process will be based on the outcome of these meetings. The meetings will be Wednesday, Oct. 24, 6:30pm at the Chewelah Food Bank and Senior Center; Thursday, Oct. 25, 6:30 pm at the Lakeside Middle School auditorium; and Thursday, November 8, 9am at the County Commissioner’s Office in Colville. Anyone is welcome to attend.

Roadside Clean-up, Jerry Rasley: A BIG thank you to all individuals organizing and helping this year! There were 580 pounds of litter collected. And the bbq went great.

Water Quality, Mike Phillips: The milfoil divers are circulating the lake for milfoil right now. The water level is about 25.5 inches below full. There will be an LMD meeting immediately after the DLPOA November Board meeting.

Old Business:
Narrows Drainage Project, Ken Santora: Skip Wells reporting for Ken. Ken has contacted DNR, but with no response to set up a meeting. He has been in communication with DOE who said progress is moving at a slow rate. Mark Turney spoke with the ecologist that the Board approved to contract and he declined the hire. It’s common knowledge that there is a major erosion problem and no one wishes to claim responsibility. Regulations should have kept anyone from clearing. The County is working towards remediation. Ken, Mark and Skip will get together next week and formulate a plan to get this addressed preferably before winter sets in.

Calendar Advertising, Ken Ring: The advertiser list was circulated for volunteers to help in contacting them. If you know of a new and potential business that might want to advertise, contact Ken. Ads will be due November 12. Payment for calendar ads is due December 28.

Calendar Dates for 2019 Events: Dates were discussed and approved. See list in upcoming December newsletter and on calendar.

Committee/Project Assignments for 2018 – 2019: Board members will communicate via email for finalization (before the November 12 newsletter deadline).

Chipper Day and Burn Ban, Skip Wells: October 20 is Chipper Day and it’s free this time because the County is paying the operator. Volunteers are still needed to help. Only beach fires are currently permitted.

EMS Election Update, Skip Wells: There will be an Emergency Medical Services levy on the ballot at 35 cents per $1,000 assessed value.

Newsletter, Ken Ring: November 12 is the last day to submit articles for the newsletter. Please send articles to Cheryl Ring,; 499-3148. The newsletter will be mailed out
December 3 - 7.

New Business:
Fish Pens Update, Ken Ring: There are currently 2 fish pens on Deer Lake that are not being used. The North East Wa. Wildlife Management Group (NEWWMG) built the frames and bought an 8 x 12 shed with a grant from the Fish and Game Department. The shed is maintained by DLPOA and presently, Ken Ring and Bill Stewart have keys to the shed which is located at 4062 N. Deer Lake Road. An inventory of the shed on September 23, 2018 follows: 4 fish nets, 8 cement weights, 2 bird nets, misc. extra metal-style fish feeder motors, 1.5” PVC pipe for bird nets, 4” PVC pipe for fish distribution and 2 plastic-style fish feeders. DLPOA owns the plastic fish feeders and also 8 sections of wood/metal fencing (for otter deterrent). Ken Santora has a separate inventory of his fish-raising supplies. NEWWMG is requesting the pens be put to use on Deer Lake or make them available to other lakes who wish to raise fish. Deer Lake Resort has expressed an interest in using the fish pens next year.

Website: The website needs to be updated. Pam Horner volunteered to work with Shawn on this. Thank you, Pam and Shawn! This will be on the November agenda.

Good of the Order: Jim Gavras requested a donation from DLPOA for Honor Flight, a non-profit organization to honor America’s veterans. This request will be discussed at the November meeting.

The Board meeting adjourned at about 9:16 p.m.

In accordance with the bylaws, notice is given that the next Board meeting is Thursday, November 8, 2018, at the Pinelow office, at 6:00 p.m.

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