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Board Meeting Jun 2018

Minutes of Deer Lake Property Owners’ Association Board Meeting June 14, 2018

Proper notice having been given, President Skip Wells called the meeting to order at 6:02 p.m.
Attendance: 19

The May minutes were accepted with the addition of, “In accordance with the bylaws, notice is given that the next Board meeting is Thursday, June 14, 2018 at the Pinelow office, at 6 p.m.” as the last paragraph.

Treasurer’s report: Given by Mike Egan and accepted. $55,753.21 in checking; $44,193.67 in cd’s; dues paid $6,460; fireworks donations $6,364; and general donations $3,459. Payments were made to Avista for area lights, $20.70: Walt’s Mailing Service for printing the newsletter, $1,339; and reimbursement to Jerry Rasley, $182.12, for Spring roadside cleanup chili feed expenses.

Committee reports:
Bob Schwartz, Deer Lake Apparel, Next Door Deer Lake and Pancake Feed: No change in apparel sales. The summer order is in and kick-off for summer sales will be at the pancake feed. Pinelow may carry more inventory in their store. 468 members on Next Door. The pancake feed is confirmed with the Coils at Pinelow for Sunday, July 1. THANK YOU for hosting, Ron and Nicki! A Saturday volunteer crew is needed to prep for Sunday. There are 9 new volunteers so far. Bob will buy for about 800 guests. Any excess can be sold and/or donated.

Ken Santora, Membership: 328 paid members to date. 78 Big Buck members.

Shawn O’Neill, Website: Pam Horner may work with Shawn to update the website on current events. Thank you, Pam, for posting events on Next Door, too!

Greg Presley, Big Bucks Club, Children’s Independence Day Parade, Veterans’ Fishing Days:
Printed thank-you cards are in! Several cards were signed by Board members present to mail to Big Buck Club donators. $150 bought 200 cards with envelopes; $10 for flash drive with card design on it; and $50 worth of stamps for a total expenditure of $210.66. Deputies are scheduled to be present for the parade. Ken is in charge of the line-up at Deer Lake Resort. Road intersections are taken care of. Looking for a convertible for the Grand Marshall, Ken Scott, to ride in and for someone to drive Pinelow fire truck. Karen Presley wants cookies by July 2. The Veterans’ fishing days are June 28, July 19, and August 16. Motion was made and passed to donate up to $500 for supporting the three Veterans’ Fishing Days with the purchase of food, etc.

Mike Phillips, Roadside Cleanup and Water Quality: 950 pounds of trash were collected by 35 volunteers. Many thanks to the volunteers! Milfoil divers will be here the week after July 4, the last week in August and the last week in Sept. or the first week in Oct. Around the first of June, the water level was 4” above full. Some trailers have been left at the public boat launch parking lot. Mike will make a call about that.

Mike Egan, 2018 Fireworks Display: On schedule. Different pyrotech this year, but well qualified. It will be a good show! Marion Ballard will push the barge out again. Thank you, Marion!

Skip Wells, Chipper Days: It was on June 2 and about 48 people deposited debris. $342 was raised and will go to a charity which will be determined in the fall.

Old Business:
Newsletter: It’s the envy of the neighborhood - awesome! Thank you, Cheryl Ring, our creative publisher!

Boat Parade, Loraine Scott: There will be a table at the pancake feed for parade boat registration and contest. She has had numerous complaints and comments about water balloons hurting people, turtles and fish. There will be no balloons or projectiles unless expressly requested. The safety of people and wildlife are important. The Board is supportive of this and word will be posted.

Special Roads Meeting: Was on May 16 with about 50 people in attendance. The new County Engineer will work with Mike Larson. Gravel with fines and dust control material was applied to the road.

Election of Officers: Unanimous consent by the Board to approve the following officers for next year: Skip Wells, President; Bob Schwartz, Vice President; Mike Egan, Treasurer; and Nita Gregg, Secretary. They will be ratified at the annual meeting in August.

Boat/Buoy Sign, Bob Schwartz: A new watercraft rules sign was designed by Bob and Skip and shown to the Board. The material, size, location and quantity are still being investigated. Bids for plastic and aluminum composite with protective coating will be solicited. Also authorization to post is needed. Public boat launch, Deer Lake Resort, West Bay Resort, and individual bays are some locations being considered. Since we will want to get these up by the summer, a Board consensus by email may be necessary.

Big Bucks Flags, Greg Presley: A motion was made and carried to allow Greg Presley to negotiate a deal to sale or consign the remaining Big Buck flags to Deer Lake Resort.

New Business:
Dedication of Fire Station 2: Will be on Saturday, June 30 at 1 pm. The Suncrest station will be the same day at 9 am. Walk throughs are allowed that day and open houses will be the end of September. There was discussion about some fire insurance premiums doubling and our rating changing to a higher number. These will be fully manned stations and in service on July 1.

Other: John Gregerson’s Board position is being vacated.

Private land owners with acreage can apply for DNR grant money for tree and brush trimming, etc. to create fire borders through the Fire Wise program. If approved, 50% of the cost is paid by the State.

The Board meeting adjourned at about 8:31 p.m.

In accordance with the bylaws, notice is given that the next Board meeting is Thursday, August 9, 2018 at the Pinelow office, at 6 p.m.

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