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Board Meeting Feb 8 2018

Minutes of Deer Lake Property Owners’ Association Board Meeting February 8, 2018

Proper notice having been given, President Skip Wells called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.
Attendance: 24

The November minutes were accepted with the correct spelling of “negotiations” under New Business.

Treasurer’s report: Given by Mike Egan and accepted. $57,204.53 in checking; $44,183.07 in cd’s; dues paid $5,000.00 (250 members); fireworks donations $4,625.00; and general donations $2,724.00. Thirty-two calendar advertisers have paid. Payments were made to Avista for area lights (3 months), $61.02; reimbursement to Bob Schwartz for pancake feed expenses - road signs, Square reader and postage, $156.40; Walt’s Mailing Service for winter newsletter postage, $400; Loon Lake Food Bank donation, $250; Walt’s Mailing Service for winter newsletter printing, $2.460.60; reimbursement to Ken Ring for calendar postage, $48; Spokane Community College Water Resources for Regional Lakes Conference sponsoring, $150. The non-profit 990n e-postcard for DLPOA non-profit tax return was filed and approved by the IRS.

Committee reports:

Mike Larson, Roads Safety and Maintenance: The Stevens County Board of Equalization was petitioned by Mike regarding the Southwood Shores dust problem and proposed freezing property taxes until the road can be fixed. A meeting was held. Findings of Fact: “The Board understands the severity of the dust issue, but hasn’t been shown how it impacts the market. The Board hopes the taxpayers in the affected area will pursue reaching a resolve by petitioning the County Legislative Authority (or other appropriate entity) for a permanent solution.” Several Pine Bay residents then acquired 140 signatures of legal property owners to make this road dust problem a priority before summer. Commissioner Dashiell responded to meet with Mike and a Public Works engineer to attend, also. Mike will request a solution to be put in writing, either a permanent solution (chip seal?) or temporary solution (oiling). Mike will be representing DLPOA regarding this issue and requested a letter to carry. Motion was made to endorse a letter stating Mike’s position as Roads Chair and qualification to represent DLPOA and all Deer Lake unpaved roads in its Lake Management District boundary. Motion passed. A second option is to contact the County Roads Agency Bureau in Olympia where the grants and money is. Mike will present this idea to Commissioner Dashiell, too, and report to the Board after May. An information table at the pancake feed was suggested, too.

Bob Schwartz, Next Door Deer Lake and Deer Lake Apparel: There are 452 Next Door members and it’s going well. There has been no change in apparel sales, costs or net income since Bob’s November, 2017 report.

Ken Santora, Membership and Fish Pens: Ken is now updating the membership list. An interesting fact is that 10 out of 50 members have 2 lots. There are currently 250 DLPOA members, of which 53 are Big Buck members (donating $100 or more). The fish in the pen are doing well. An otter pushed his way through the tie-downs so they are now nailed down. They plan to modify the pen next year with heavier tie-downs and add more buoyancy.

Shawn O’Neill, Website and Dock Demolition: There have been 1,733 page visits to the website. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the website, contact Shawn. There have only been requests for 3 docks to be demolished so it may not happen this year.

Greg Presley, Big Bucks Club and Children’s Independence Day Parade: There are about 60 flags leftover from last year’s Big Buck donor gifts. Greg intends on selling them. Sharon Crump stepped up to co-chair the Children’s parade with Greg this year. Thank you, Greg and Sharon!

Ken Ring, Facebook, Fish and New Year’s Eve Party: There are currently 762 Facebook members. Fish and Game released 500 – 600 brood stock Eastern Brooks, 12” – 14” long, at the public boat launch on December 5th. The New Year’s Eve party was a gigantic success! Thank you, Shawn, for covering the cost of the band and for everyone else who was instrumental in making it such a big hit, especially the Crumps for offering the perfect venue!

Old Business:
Update on Lake/Sheriff Boat Weekend Patrols, Bob Schwartz: Bob had a nice conversation with the Undersheriff, Andy Horbolt, on January 23, 2018. They discussed setting up a program for us to have boat patrols on major holiday weekends. His initial thought was they could adapt one of their existing supplemental paid programs (such as having Deputies for high school sports activities) to our request. He said the challenge would be availability of a Marine Officer as they only have a limited number at present. Andy is going to follow up with his Marine Officer Supervisors and get back to Bob.

New Business:
Regional Lakes Conference, Mike Phillips:
Mike, Pam and Mike Horner, Dennis DeMattia and Mike Egan all attended. There were several topics covered.

Problems of other lakes is when the carbon that is full of nitrogen (like fertilizer) in burned out areas around the lake makes its way into the water and causes invasive species plants to grow quickly. Applications of 24d early in season may help.

Slime on the bottom of lakes is periphyton. Mike is investigating whether slime can stop 24d penetration.

Spokane River Implementation by Avista helps the health of the river and lake.

There was a presentation on the inflows and temperature of the water at Liberty Lake and how it affects the lake. Liberty Lake had to build a sewer plant to clean up the lake at a cost of $50 million.

Algae growth in Lake Coeur d’Alene bays and how it impacts the rest of the lake.

Erosion on lake shores from big boats and wake boats. Public education on this is effective, sending out the rules and laws to property owners.

If anyone wishes to attend this conference, it is the first Saturday of every February at Spokane Community College. DLPOA is one of the sponsors and it is free to participants.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is presently tracking 3 cougars in our area. They have collared a huge, young female.

Discussion about the Loon Lake Food Bank donation was requested so it will be put on the fall agenda for further debate.

The Board meeting adjourned at about 7:51 p.m.

In accordance with the bylaws, notice is given that the next Board meeting is Thursday, March 8, 2018 at the Pinelow office, at 6 p.m.

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