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2017 Annual Meeting - Jun 10 2017

Deer Lake Property Owners’ Annual Meeting—June 10, 2017

President Skip Wells called the meeting to order at 10:00 am. There were 58 people in attendance.

Guest Speaker: Don Dashiell, Stevens County Commissioner
Don reported significant changes in the County over the last year: agreement with Public Works Director was terminated in December and using a contract engineer now; the land fill transfer station manager died; and winter road damage further north is being resolved. Roads that are on rotating maintenance schedule for chip sealing will be done around here. Boater and lake signs can be displayed, limiting no wakes 100 feet from signs. Mike Larson said dust control on Southwood Shores Road should be priority with regard to the health of the lake and its residents and he suggested fines with gravel product. When gravel road rehab comes around, the County may consider that, but Don thinks mag chloride is an option. The winter road damage in County has effect on when this will happen.

Treasurer’s Report: We are thriving and doing very well! Our income last year was $28,567.83; expenditures were $22,550.60 with a net profit of $6,017.23. Assets total $110,995.01 (includes 20 acres DLPOA owns) with no liabilities. Report was approved.

Minutes of last year’s annual meeting were approved with the correction of T & J Excavating in the next-to-last paragraph, page 2.

DLPOA Committee Reports:

Web Site, Shawn O’Neill: New site is in infancy and building up database. Envision conducting business year-round on web site, being a revenue generating source (with local services advertised) and offering information for everyone. Moving towards protection of DLPOA intellectual property. New laptop for treasurer has been purchased for discounted price of $300.

Water Quality, LMD and Shoreline Master Plan, Mike Phillips: Water level is currently 1” above full and just trickling out. Water samples showed below average levels of phosphorus and nitrogen although excessive rain may have diluted samples. LMD tax passed for 5 more years to control milfoil; we spend about $30,000 per year. Ace Diving and Kevin Schroeder will be pulling and treating Eurasian milfoil around July 4th, last week in August and first week in October. There is concern about hybrid milfoil which is more difficult to get rid of, but it’s not confirmed in our lake. If you suspect milfoil in your area, display orange flag on dock so that divers will spend more time there. Shoreline Master Plan is about County re-classifying lands; next meeting will be in Colville at 9 am on June 29.

Roadside Clean-up, Jerry Rasley: Last fall, 27 people collected 310 pounds of garbage. This spring 30 volunteers collected 570 pounds of trash. Thank you all! The next clean-up will be on September 16 at 8 am with hot dogs and chili to follow.

Membership and Fish Report, Ken Santora: There are currently 346 paid members. Always looking for new members and involvement. Three fish pens raised 22,100 brook trout and 12,500 rainbows. Eagle Scout otter abatement project worked well. Lots of mackinaw are being caught. Goal is to fish them out to allow the kokanee population to increase.

Big Buck Club, Greg Presley: 79 Big Buck Club members received DLPOA flags for recognition.

Pancake Feed and Apparel, Bob Schwartz: Date for pancake feed is July 2 at Pinelow Park Resort. Thanks again to the Coils who block out this weekend for us! There were 700 people fed last year and 38 volunteers. New apparel styles this year and sold at almost cost. Will be able to process credit cards at pancake feed this year.

Emergency Services and Chipper Days, Skip Wells: The tax increase passed for the bond issue to build 2 new fire stations at Sun Crest and Loon Lake. They should be online in April of 2018. There has been a change in response to illegal fires when burn ban is on. Now the sheriff will respond first to issue citation and then the fire crews will come out to extinguish the fire. There were 100 incidents last year. Chipper days were in May and again October 14. There is a small charge for this service. Larger no-wake notices may be signed soon in common launch areas.

Board officers ratified: Skip Wells, President; Bob Schwartz, Vice President; Mike Egan, Treasurer; Nita Gregg, Secretary. Board is now full with 16 members.

Three bylaws were revised. Section 5.4 was changed to read “June, July or August”. Added to Section 5.8 was a 4th method of noting meetings, “Electronic means to include email, posting on the official DLPOA website, social media, and other electronic forms of communications as they become available and approved by the Board.” Inserted into Section 11.1, “…payable to the Association in excess of twenty-five hundred dollars ($2,500.00) shall be signed by at least two current DLPOA officers.”

Special recognition was given to Dennis DeMettia for all he’s done for us through the years, especially maintaining the web page for 15 years. He received a plaque donated by Jerry and Kris Groom of Tactile Light Industries. Also, Shawn O’Neill received a Deer Lake shirt for his past presidential leadership. DLPOA whole heartedly thanks both of you!

Further acknowledgement to Cheryl Ring for publishing a world-class newsletter, one that we all can be very proud of! The next newsletter will come out in September with a deadline for articles at the end of August.

Scheduled 2017 Activities:
Thursday, June 22 – Veteran’s Fishing day and lunch, 10 am to 2 pm
Sunday, July 2 – Pancake Feed at Pinelow Park Resort, 8am to noon
Monday, July 3 – Boat Parade; meet at Deer Lake Resort at 7 pm, start at 7:30 pm
Monday, July 3 – Organized fireworks on the lake, approximately 10 pm
Tuesday, July 4 – Children’s Parade; meet at Deer Lake Resort 10 am, start at 10:30

Meeting adjourned at 12:08 pm.

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