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Our Mission

"Dedicated to preserving and improving our beautiful lake for future generations"

Annual Meeting

Thank you for attend the DLPOA Annual Meeting at the Fire Station August 12th 

It was a full house with lots of    information for property owners. 

Water level is 31.5 inches below full.  Be safe, know your limits and others around you.  Remember, boat 100 feet off of any buoy marker. 

History of the lake

Important dates and major changes around our property. Provided by: Mike Phillips 


Keep up on all the things going on. Review all the information you may have missed!


Keep up with important dates, see first snowfall, fun lake info.

          We got our new shirts in,           Have a look HERE.

       Price  yet TBD   

    Sizes fit S thru 3X

Colors- gray, black, insignia (med) blue, navy, Townsend (olive) green

 Contact us at  

To contact us please Email:
and it will be forwarded to the proper             board member. 

 Created 2022 by DLPOA Board Members on a volunteer basis. 

 News about Deer Lake and its' supporters published 3 times a year

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